Powerbug Push2.0

The Push 2.0 is the latest Push trolley from PowerBug. It uses the same popular frame construction and layout as our electric trolley models. The motor and gearbox have been replaced with an easy-roll free moving axle and where the battery would normally sit is now an insulated zip-up bag, great for storing food, drink and other items while out on the course.

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£ 99.00 inc vat

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Powerbug Push2.0

Great Value!
The PowerBug Push 2.0 costs just £99.00!
The frame is constructed from aircraft
grade aluminum, making the trolley
not only lightweight at just under 5KG
 but also super robust!

Foot Brake
Useful foot brake on the frame of the
trolley helps to prevent the trolley rolling
away down any slopes while you take
your shot.
Storage Bag
This zip-up insulated storage bag is  great
for keeping food and drink fresh and
cool while on the course.
Also great for storing other items such
as extra golf balls, valuable items or
even a rain jacket!

Available in two different colours:
Gloss Black & Gloss White
Torque Control Bag Supports
The PowerBug Torque Control Cart Bag
Supports helps eliminate Cart Bag rotation
whilst mounted to the trolley. Giving you
something less to worry about during
your round of golf.

Full Range of Accessories
All accessories are compatible with the
Push 2.0 as it shares the same frame
design as our electric trolley range!

Full feature list

Easy Roll - Effortless Propultion
Easy Fold/Unfold System
Soft Grip Handle
Weights just 4.5KG
Torque Control Bag Supports
Sports Wheels

Insulated Storage Bag 
Frame Lock-Down
Detachable Rear Wheels    
Full Range of Accessories
Full 12 Month Warranty
Foot Brake